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The  Labyrinth Retreat

Presenter: Jennifer Wrzosek

What stands out for me about this retreat day?

  • The way it flowed seamlessly. The presentations were instructfull and very helpful. The actual experience and God speaking to me.

  • Wow – the richness in our faith/prayer traditions.  I just never knew the power/mystery/wonder of those kinds of prayer traditions. I am in Awe!

What I found most life giving in the format and the presentation.

  • The time to – experience something new and different, reflect, make connections and see deeper meanings .Sharing and learning the wisdom of others. Be silent, relax, rest and renew.

  • Sharing and discussing and of course the physical act of walking the labyrinth. I thought it was a perfect fit for Advent to reflect on Mary and Joseph’s journey as we “journeyed” through the labyrinth experience.

As I leave this retreat time I feel...because...

  • I fee rejuvenated because I know our dear Lord wants to meet our needs and comes to us however we need him to, Today God was present in our presenter Jennifer, in the music; and in the community. What a gift!!

Journaling:  A Tool for Working Through Grief

Presenter: Sr. Louise Vanderploeg SSND

The most significant insights I learned about grieving…

  • Like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon we need struggles  to be strong.

  • That I am not alone, we all grieve in many different ways.                                                                               

  • Knowing that I am not alone and what I am experiencing is normal.

 What I found life giving in the presentations and process…

  • New techniques for journaling. 

  • Expanded appreciation of God. 

  • Having different tools – using a journal – a wonderful way of going through the stages of grief.


Allan Forsberg

I have had wonderful experiences with Peace Retreats, both as a retreat participant and as retreat leader. The team are welcoming and easy to work with. Everything was well organized and the venues and meals were lovely. Every retreat I have attended has proved to be a memorable experience and really helped me grow spiritually. Peace Retreats is a huge blessing to our Archdiocese.


Maureen Wild

Thanks so much for the Peace Retreats Initiative here. “Blessings” abundant as you continue on.  
(PaxGaia Educational & Retreat Initiatives)

Retreat:  “God’s Mysterious Call”

Presenter: Jennifer Wrzosek

“Thank you for sharing the advent retreat in Manning. I enjoyed the music, the table sharing and the quiet reflective time. Great way to begin the advent season!!”

Prayer Table from Jennifer’s Advent Retreat, “God’s Mysterious Call”
Picture credit: Jennifer Wrzosek

Retreat:  “Preparing for Christmas with Mary”

Presenter:  Fr. Bill

Prayer table.

Picture credit: Pat Hunt

Art Retreat:  “Praying … With Paper, Pens and Pencil Crayons

Presenter:  Pat Hunt

Prayer table.

Retreat:  “Finding God in Unexpected Places”

Presenter: Allan Forsberg

  • “Allan’s presentations, his genuineness, his style - down to earth, from his lived experience, well organized, enjoyable to listen to. The topic was very practical. Allan did a great job of bringing his subject matter down to everyday level. The topic was interesting.”

  • “The handout and the bibliography … are beautifully presented and excellent for review and contemplation, also most helpful.“

  • “God is in me and in all others. God is in events in the world. We must be attentive to what the point of the event is, otherwise we will miss it.”


Retreat:  “Encountering God in the Autumn Season”

Presenter: Sr. Louise Vanderploeg SSND

As I leave this retreat I feel …

  • “…Relaxed, calm and peaceful because I was given a chance to slow down and reflect”

  • “…Revitalized because I have reconnected with God.”

  • “…Better rested because there was time to think.”

Aspects of the retreat that I liked the best…

  • “…The time to reflect

  • “…The quietness and the peaceful environment”

  • “…Walking and seeing nature.”

Other comments:                                             

  • “I really appreciated the opportunity to have time away from work to take this time for myself.”

  • “I really enjoyed the day … It’s given me hope.

  • “The date of this retreat was chosen so perfectly. Right before Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to have the opportunity to think deeply about how much there is to be grateful for.”


Retreat:  “Grief and Christian Hope”

Presenter: Cam Switzer

  • “All the aspects of this retreat were beneficial to me. They spoke to me in such a dynamic way. I had no knowledge of grief, as I was never really able to talk about it with anyone which brought a lot of confusion.”

  • “Wow … packed full of gems of wisdom, lovely balance of meditation. Tremendous amount of prep work. Thank you so much.”

  • “As I leave this retreat I feel encouraged. Some of the insights I received were, 1. If we didn’t love we wouldn’t grieve; 2. Grief is not as strong as the love that holds me; 3. We all grieve differently.”


Retreat:  “Journey With the Mystics: Julian of Norwich”

Presenter: Cam Switzer

  • “Well presented as “A Story Teller”, good props, and an interesting life story of Julian of Norwich with time to reflect, write and meditate.”

  • “It was interesting to learn that mystics could be anchorites living solitary lives.”

  • “I enjoyed the quiet times and the personal questions to ponder and journal about.”

Picture credit: Roma Kosyk

“Standing on the Threshold of a New Year”

“This day was a memorable day for me, in part, because of the theme, handouts and questions, personal sharing and time to reflect. I was reminded again of the fruitfulness of journaling. My heart was also deeply nourished by the music.


Thank you. “

Seventy Times Seven: The Meaning and Practice of Forgiveness” 

“Some life-giving aspects of this retreat: the reassurance that forgiveness is a process…. the diference between decisional and emotional forgiveness… identifying the steps of forgiveness”.

“ I feel lighter. I think it’s possible to get to a place of peace.” 

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