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What is a Retreat

  • “Time off from my regular routine, deliberately set aside for God in solitude, silence and prayer for the nourishment of body, soul and spirit” (Henri Nouwen)

  • Choosing a place of quietude, perhaps with a teacher or spiritual guide, to rediscover the divinity that exists at the center of our lives.​

  • A focused opportunity to learn and strengthen practices which may lead us to “a shift in perception”, thereby changing our relationship with life and the world around us.

  • An invitaton from God to “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Like Spiritual Direction, retreats are an ancient practice. Jesus himself made a forty day desert retreat before beginning his ministry, and often sought out solitude to “come away to a deserted place and rest a while" (Mark 6:31) Men and women throughout the ages have “come away” from their busy lives to focus on time with God.

“A ‘spiritual retreat’ is where the seekers are seeking God. It is where God is seeking the seekers. It is the meeting place”.

Sister Louise Dowgiallo, OSB

A spiritual retreat can take many forms. A simple personal retreat could be setting aside a day at home, unplugging all electronic devices and focusing on activities (or non-activity) which draw one closer to God. Guided retreats involve a teacher or guide who presents material to stimulate reflection and prayer. Retreats can be one day or forty. They can be totally or partially silent. They can be experienced as part of a group, or individually. No matter what form they take, a good retreat allows lots of time for reflection and rest in God. 

Retreats: Why attend one?

In our increasingly sound-saturated and technology driven world, time for quiet reflection has become a luxury. Our souls are hungry for time in quiet. We are naturally spiritual beings who need nourishment for our spirits as well as for our bodies. It is difficult to encounter God in an atmosphere of endless distraction and activity. Retreats provide a “sacred space” in which we can encounter our God and ourselves. This time is essential for developing and maintaining our relationship with God. It is also healthy for our bodies and minds, providing much needed peace and revitalization.

Peace Retreats offers retreats in the Peace Region regularly. For information about upcoming retreats see our “Events” page. To request a retreat on a specific topic, please go to “Contacts” page and connect with a team member.

“What a joy it should be to feel in your inmost heart that little tug of what has been called a gentle stirring of love. This is God’s call, God’s offering of self, and god’s response to your loving search. Indeed, your loving search would not have even begun without God’s gentle call.”

William A Menninger

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